The Tool to Transformation

Salt & Light is our foundational evangelistic program to mobilize believers within their circles of influence. The program is used by program coordinators, churches, and through partnership with global organizations.


The Mission

Salt & Light is a unique initiative leveraging EQUIP's global influence. We resource our global network of Christian leaders and organizations who in turn add value to their circles of influence outside the church walls. This is done through values-based, evangelistic content and  relationship-based round tables.

Now more than ever, people  yearn to make their lives better. They desire personal and professional success. And deep down, they want their lives to mean something - to matter and make a difference. 

Salt & Light provides believers with the tool to seamlessly share their faith while meeting these universal desires.

"We were made for significance - for making a difference"

- John C. Maxwell  

Beyond Success

Created directly from the content of leading leadership guru, Dr. John C. Maxwell, the Beyond Success roundtable study gives all participants the opportunity to build relationships and engage in an authentic personal growth process. 

Trained facilitators reach into their sphere of influence to provide participants practical instruction to make their lives better and brighter.  

During the study, the roundtable facilitator invites group members to participate in an optional bonus session. A digital presentation by John himself will reveal his most important relationship, his relationship with God. 

Salt & Light is deployed worldwide through a network of vision-carrying Salt & Light Coordinators (SLCs) mobilizing individual roundtable facilitators in their countries and communities, as well as through Alliance Partnerships with global organizations and movements.  

The Impact

Join the Movement to Reach A Million

Become an Salt & Light Coordinator

As a high-capacity Salt & Light Coordinators, you will be mentored and coached by our team as you increase your personal leadership and program evangelistic capacity. 

Become a Partner for Transformation

Our partners make it possible to extend the impact into countries and regions all across the world. The goal of transformation is achieved through your generosity and time. If you or your organization would like to become a Strategic Partner, please email us at